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500 Hidden Canyon Road,
Baker, NV 89311


Photo Credit: Shannon Paton

The easiest way to find our road is to put “Garrison, Utah 84728” into your GPS. -Even though our property is in Nevada, our road starts in Utah. The dirt road is called: Big Wash Canyon Road, Nevada.

If you are driving Southeast on Hwy 21: you will need to drive completely through Garrison, Utah (Garrison is a tiny town, only about one mile long). As you are coming to the end of town, you will see the following road signs “No winter maintenance” and “65 mph speed limit” then you will drive over a painted cattle guard (white, thin lines painted across the highway) – our road is ~5 feet past the cattle guard, on the right. *If you see the road signs “Milford 77 miles” or “No services for 70 miles” or the “2” mile marker sign, you’ve gone too far.

If you are driving Northwest on Hwy 21: you will be turning left onto our dirt road before entering the small town of Garrison, Utah. As you are approaching Garrison, watch for the “2” mile marker and then the bright yellow road signs “Reduced speed” and “40 mph 800 feet ahead” – our road is just beyond these signs on the left. *If you pass over a painted cattle guard (white, thin lines painted across the highway) and start driving through town, you’ve gone too far.

There is a large, unlit “Hidden Canyon Ranch” sign marking the beginning of our dirt road. (Once you’re on the dirt road, ignore any GPS you may be using – we’ve had some guests follow their GPS and it’s taken them on a side road in poor condition.) The main dirt road is very obvious and will drop you down into our canyon (it’s just under seven miles of dirt road). When you reach the canyon, the road comes to a “T”. Take a right and follow it along for about 1/8 mile, turn left at the sign, cross the bridge, and park in the designated parking area. The office is a white building with black windows and a gray, metal roof.

This road is not recommended for trailers over 25 feet.

We recommend arriving during daylight. There are no streetlights and very few signs.