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Great Basin National Park is a wonderful hiking park with trails of different levels of difficulty at different elevations (best news of all, no bears). We are happy to recommend various trails upon request. Trails at higher elevations open at different times, depending on the snow levels each year.

We offer you the ability to experience and explore the wondrous beauty of our surrounding area through our Side by Side ATV rental. You can rent a 4-seater side-by-side at Hidden Canyon (driver must be age 21 or over and must possess a current driver’s license). This is an excellent way to explore the nearby trails on BLM and forest service lands (not allowed in the Park).

The Kawasaki Teryx (4-seater):
One-hour rental $99
Two-hour rental $175
Three-hour rental $250
Four-hour rental $300

(All prices include rental, fuel, and tax.)

Bring your own fishing Great Basin N. P. 1equipment and Nevada fishing license if you would like to fly fish for Bonneville Cutthroat Trout in our stream and ponds. This is catch-and-release so barbless hooks are required for fishing on our property. Other streams in the vicinity and in the Park also provide excellent fishing opportunities.

If you have an interest in fossil hunting, exploring natural warm springs, visiting caves, looking for wild mustangs or bird watching, just let us know. We can give you directions for all of these.

Lehman Caves

Wander Hidden Canyon and explore our historic log cabins and horse-drawn farm equipment or enjoy the shade of our 120+-year-old fruit orchards. This is Butch Cassidy country, with wagon train trails and the Pony Express route nearby. No question, this is the true pioneer Old West.

This is also one of the best night-sky viewing areas in the country because we have such low light pollution and clean air. Bring a blanket to spread on the grass or folding lounge chairs for relaxed night-time viewing. The Milky Way is amazingly clear and best when there is little moonlight. Check this link or your calendar for the phase of the moon during your visit.